Portable Crusher

Portable CrusherThe existing production pattern of the concrete industry has low assembly technology and serious pollution and waste, so that green development becomes the inevitable choice to transform the development pattern. Concrete industry has entered a crucial transformation period, and it has become a must to realize green production through production and operation pattern transformation and upgrading.

To realize sustainable development and green production of the concrete industry, the only way out is technical innovation and correct industrial policy orientation, so that the goal of reducing consumption of industrial resources and energy and pollutant discharge can be realized, and doing research on mixing waste materials into concrete and on the feasibility of applying recycled concrete in different strength grade, different structure and different part is an important aspect.

The new type of portable crusher launched by Shanghai A&C Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. includes portable crushing plant and portable screening plant, which introduces German advanced technology and combines the domestic market demand and has excellent treatment effect on solid waste materials, and millions of construction waste per hour can be effectively processed.

The recycled aggregates produced through such technical processes as classification, crushing and screening of portable crushing plant with the waste materials such as construction waste, gangue, coal dust, desulphurization gypsum, ardealite, chemical waste residue, metallurgical waste residue and tailings can be used as raw materials for producing commercial concrete of below C30.

Shanghai A&C portable crusher is usually assembled by our company, and it can be put into use only by a small adjustment or connection on the working site. In this way, it can save the fees of installation foundation of equipment as well as save the labors of installation and adjustment. The portable crushing plant manufactured by Shanghai A&C Mining Machinery has a very compact structure, and in the design process, the transportation requirement has been taken into consideration, so that most machines can be directly consigned on highway and even railway long-distance transportation is also convenient.

Portable Stone Crusher Machine

The classification and features of portable crusher.

1. According to the different craftsmanship, the portable crusher can bedivided into crawler type portable crusher and wheel type portable crusher.

(1) The crawler type portable crusher

The crawler type portable crusher is the earliest product coming intoChinese market, which is represented by the Metso Nordberg LT seriescoarse portable crusher. The Metso Nordberg LT series coarse portablecrusher has advanced crushing technology and good quality. Each machineis composed of 25 basic modules and each module has a wealth of optionalparts, which makes the portable crusher can be designed based on thespecial demands of customers. The crawler type portable crusher not onlycan be used for the crushing of rock, ores, massive asphalt concrete,but also can be used for the crushing and recycling of building cementconcrete material.

The features and advantages of crawler type portable crusher

The crawler type portable has obvious advantages such as excellentperformance, high reliability, short assembly time, easy to transport,simple to operate, convenient to maintain, complying with theenvironmental standards and so on. The production capacity of thecrawler type portable crusher is from 250 tons per hour to 1800 tons perhour.

(2) Main features of the wheel type portable crusher

The wheel type portable crusher is a kind of new and convenientconstruction waste crushing product, which is designed and developedbased on the domestic market quotations. It has strong adaptability andcan be composed flexible. The wheel type portable crusher has a variety ofconfigurations, and the users can choose the configuration according totheir special needs. Both of the screening after crushing and thecrushing after screening are available. Whats more, the crushing andthe screening can be used alone. The wheel type portable crusher not onlycan be combined into two-stage crushing screening system withcoarse crushing and fine crushing and three-stage crushing screening system with coarse crushing, medium crushing and finecrushing, but also can be run independently, which shows the strongflexibility of wheel type portable crusher.

Tire type portable crusher for construction waste brickmaking

The tire portable crusher is a portable crushing production line with wide range of applications. Tire type portable crushing plant used in the recycling of construction waste is an emerging and profiteering industry.

aggregate produced by the current crushing station can be suitable for brick-making, which increases the crushing difficulty and broken links for the entire production process. More links mean more production costs. Everyone wants to create maximum wealth at the lowest cost, so the right choice of equipment is particularly important. China famous mining machinery manufacturer-Shanghai A&C Company adjusted the tire portable crusher and launched the new type of portable crusher on the base of its own advantages, which has been the only device for construction waste brickmaking. It is understood that the device can be adjusted according to demand to achieve the different needs of customers. The recycle aggregate less than 5mm can reach 90%, which greatly reduces the production costs.

This tire portable crusher abandoned the shortages of traditional jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, and further extended the feeding size to reach 1000mm. Its discharging size can be adjusted. It has large capacity and higher efficiency. A few days ago, the first batch of portable crushers have launched on the market, and got widely praised. Many cities has been successfully equipped with this equipment to disposal the construction wastes.

Portable Crushing Plant

Portable crushing plant is designed based on the conception of fully adapting various crushing conditions. According to different standard, it can be divided into portable aggregate crusher, stone portable machine, trucked portable crusher, and tyre portable crusher. It is also known as Portable Crushing Plant because of the advantages.

An Introduction to Portable Crushing Plant

As a concrete stone crusher manufacturer, A&C can supply you with Portable Crushing Plant or concrete crushing plants that are widely used in crushing industry. Concrete crusher mainly includes static crusher and portable concrete crusher. Static crusher includes concrete jaw crusher used as primary crusher for first concrete crushing stage. Concrete impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and hydraulic crusher are usually used as secondary concrete crusher. Portable Crushing Plant is the most famous rock and mineral processing equipment in the world.

The Application of Portable Crushing Plant

Portable Crushing Plant is of high cost-performance ratio, and it is reliable in performance and reasonable in structure. Crawler portable crusher applies the advanced technology with the international level. Portable Crushing Plant is widely used in road bridge construction, metallurgy and so on.

The Performance of Concrete portable Crusher

1. High performance of the portable stone crushing machine.

2. Feeder, belt conveyor and vibrating screen are all in the portable construction station.

3. Turn axle of traction is convenient for road transit and expanding the working place.

4. Vehicle installation supporting is easier for equipment to station in the working place.

5. Vehicle electric generating set, motors and control box are all included.

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